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Living is easy with closed eyes

Adjust your reality, ignorance is bliss is no longer a valid excuse.

Although the Black Lives Matter posts are fading out of my Instagram feed, many are still keeping up the momentum. And this time around I feel myself being pulled by this current, my attention still firmly placed on Black Lives Matter. It is draining and heartbreaking and the constant deaths I am reading about batter at my mental and pull tears from my eyes.

But the heaviness in my heart is why I can't let myself become distracted, I cannot allow myself to give in to complacency.

Not whilst black people continue to die in situations that should never lead to their death.

I have been feeling an overwhelming array of emotions, struggling to grapple with all the thoughts in my head. Below are some of my words in poetry form.

You shut your eyes to remain blissfully ignorant

But when I shout at you to open them and see

You fall back on instilled prejudice and receive my pain as anger

You see Black Lives Matter as an affront to all other races

And not as the cry for help it truly is

We are dying simply because of our melanin

For all the connotations that are repeatedly attached to our skin

You try to erode our culture, belittle our beliefs

And we frustrate you with our continued strength

As much as you attempt to treat us as disposable

We will not be defeated

Our resilience is impenetrable

Black people are not going anywhere

The world is here for anyone willing to put the work in and take it

You will not diminish me and put me in a box of your making

I am not here to make you comfortable

And even when you kill me,

my name and my face will forever become a part of your life

I will be a presence in your life, till the day death claims you

You choose your life’s path

Don’t fuck up the choice picking hate over love

Sera Rae

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